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Published by Luftwaffe Sim (Flight Training Videos)

Contributor – Scott A. (WWIIOnline – Hyoslvr)

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  • Ju-87
  • Me-109
  • Bf-110
  • He-111

Assembled for Luftwaffe enthusiasts that seek to get started quickly with WWIIOnline.com is a Full Collection of Flight Training Videos produced by “Hyoslvr” from WWIIOnline.com. You will find a series of 20 videos that teach you how to fly the Me-109, Bf-110, Ju-87 and the He-111. You will find a series of additional videos that teach you basic defense evasion measures as well as how to get a correct sight picture. Whether you seek to bomb your objective or free the skies of enemy aircraft, you will find the right video to review here. The average length of each video is only 5-10 minutes. See example video from our video collection below:

Flight Training Videos - WWIIOnline.com


Among the collection of favorite videos, I found the He-111 series most beneficial to overcome the steep learning curve that comes with flying the medium range bomber. Not only did the series of videos show me how to master the high altitude bombing the He-111 was designed for, it also offered a Close Air Support method to employ the He-111. This proved to be extremely effective with combined air-ground Blitzkrieg attack that was essential to the success of the Axis. See the Full Collection of WWIIOnline Flight Training Videos Here.



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