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The Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109, often called the Me 109 (usually by Allied aviators and aircrew), was a German World War II fighter plane developed by Willy Messerschmitt and Robert Lusser throughout the very early to mid-1930s. It was among the initial truly contemporary fighters of the era, including such functions as all-metal monocoque construction, an enclosed cockpit, a retracting landing gear system, and was powered by a liquid-cooled, inverted-V12 aero engine.

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The Luftwaffe Bf 109 very first saw operational service throughout the Spanish Civil Battle and was still operational at the dawn of the jet age at the end of World War II, throughout which time it was the backbone of the Luftwaffe’s fighting force. From the end of 1941 the Bf 109 was supplemented by the Focke-Wulf Fw 190.

Originally developed as an interceptor, later on versions were established to meet a number of activities, working as bomber escort, fighter-bomber, day-, night-, all-weather fighter, ground-attack aircraft, and as reconnaissance plane. It was provided to and run by numerous states during The second world war, and offered with numerous countries for years after the war. The Bf 109 was the most produced boxer plane in history, with a total of 33,984 airframes produced from 1936 approximately April 1945.


The Bf 109 was flown by the 3 top-scoring German muay thai fighter aces of World War II, that asserted 928 victories among them while flying with Jagdgeschwader 52, primarily on the Eastern Front, as well as by Hans-Joachim Marseille, the highest scoring German ace in the North African Campaign, scoring 158 victories. It was also zipped numerous various other aces from Germany’s allies, significantly Finn Ilmari Juutilainen, the highest rating non-German ace on the type with 58 success flying the Bf 109G, and pilots from Italy, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary. Through the Luftwaffe continued development, the Bf 109 stayed competitive with the most up to date Allied boxer airplane until completion of the battle.



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  1. Your photo’s of the 109’s are great. I have also down loaded that same video of the 109 taking it’s shake down flight after having been restored. I saw the complete documentary and it was very interesting. I have flown in, WWII Online Battleground Europe , going for 13 years now and I still get a blast out of flying and pitting my skills with others. I think this web site will be great.


    • Thanks. We will be publishing more aircraft profiles in addition to publishing training videos “How to” Series. is intended to be a website resource for Luftwaffe Simulator Enthusiasts to help get the most out of Luftwaffe in-game experience.

  2. This is a really nice site, I am excited to see what this turns into

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